It is refreshing to be caught up in the haste of harvest and hearing so many good news stories. Since mid August we have been helping Growers and Data Subscribers prepare for their first loads to be delivered and seeing steady increases in activity as we go. As the harvest moves we can see the impact increase and it comes as no surprise to hear Growers talk about record yields and successful crops coming off the header at full speed or Data Subscribers sharing stories of receival records at Sites and trucks queued as far as can be seen.

While we are all busy we thought it was a good time to share what the last seven days has looked like for the NGR Team.

  • Over 2,900 Users have logged into myNGR
  • Over 2,300 incoming phone calls
  • Over 400 email requests received
  • Over 930 Cards, 720 Payees and 920 Users verified online
  • Over 500 Sustainability Declarations completed

A massive achievement and all while having a team who is excited to come in on a Saturday and support everyone who could not get in contact during the week.