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If you have a requirement to collect and hold Growers details for contact, payment or compliance purposes, NGR is the solution you have been seeking.

With over 20 years of experience providing secure, easy to use access to Grower details and servicing more than 180 businesses nationwide, now is the time to move your organisation across to NGR.

The Leading Solution for Grower Data Management

NGR’s innovative solution streamlines your business administration tasks through electronic forms, intuitive processes and provides access to accurate, secure data for Growers Australia-wide. Introducing NGR as the single source for accurate customer data information makes good business sense.

Active Users

A Cost-Effective, Secure Way To Access Grower Details


NGR ensure quality assured data management. With all updates being quality assured for accuracy prior to record changes being enacted.


Utilising single source and automated management where possible, automated and structured data cleansing activities ensure all data remains in a consistent, current and structured manner.


Stringent and best-practice application surrounding system security and data storage/provisioning including regular penetration & social engineering testing, database health checks and full record audits.

Two Great Services Connecting Our Industry

myNGR supports the industry by providing access to current and reliable business and payment information for Growers across Australia to a wide range of agricultural businesses.

eDOCS streamlines the process of completing industry forms for the delivery of grain between growers, traders and end-users. Making industry documents that meet compliance regulations more accessible and easier to complete for both growers and traders, eliminating errors and limiting risk.

A Small Investment For A Powerful Data Management Solution

For as little as 3c per Grower per day, in your subscription list, you also have complete control over your myNGR account – all backed up with personal service from the NGR team. 

With flexible features to match your business needs, an NGR subscription is an unrivalled cost-effective solution for doing business across the Australian Agricultural industry.


You can have confidence in accessing up-to-date Grower information that you have consent for.


NGR access can grow and reduce with your needs, including Unlimited Users on the one account.


Manage your organisation’s subscribed to Growers yourself.


myNGR streamlines paper-based data management and integrates with current Software Platforms.


NGR utilises Data Integrity Protocols to Provide a Secure Channel For Information Sharing between Growers and Data Subscribers.


With a mobile-first design, you can access NGR on any device, anytime and anywhere.

Ethical Access

NGR respects Grower data consent by only providing Data Subscribers with access to shared information as agreed to by Growers.

Data Pathways

Subscribed to data can be easily accessed through a variety of avenues including web portal and API integrations.

Security & Integrity

NGR ensures data security and integrity by implementing global-standard best-in-practice quality control practices and protocols.

Benefits of eDOCS for your Business

One-time Only Input

Single input of declaration data is transferred digitally between a Grower, Trader, Receiver and End User for improved accuracy.

Instant 24/7 Access

After a Grower submits an eDOC, it is immediately available to the subscribed Data Subscriber(s). All eDOCs are stored securely and accessible online 24/7.

various file types

eDOC Grower Declarations can be viewed on-screen or as a downloadable PDF via the myNGR portal, or in csv, XML or json files types via an API.

Completion Anytime

Via mobile, tablet or computer, wherever you have an internet connection, a NGR eDOC can be completed.

Industry-lead improvements

Our eDOCS are built for industry and are continuously evolving to meet the needs of stakeholders throughout the supply chain.

Intuitive Data

eDOC Grower Declarations utilise pre-population of fields, making completion and accuracy of forms even simpler.

2024-25 Schedule of Fees

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We would love to show you all the available capabilities and functionality of our NGR platform and products that can deliver valuable efficiencies in your organisation by simplifying your operations.

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