For Data Subscribers

How are listings counted towards billing?

You are charged the first time you list against a GRN in the financial year. This includes any GRN listings you might have on 1 July of the new financial year.

Is there a listing fee each time I list against a GRN?

Once you have listed on the GRN in the financial year, you are free to add view, remove and re-add the GRN listing from the myNGR System as many times as you want without incurring additional costs.

What’s the advantage of holding GRN listings for the year if I am transacting with the Grower?

You will receive an update as soon as the Grower makes a change to their account details which in turn ensures you have the most up-to-date details for that Grower.

What determines the annual fee per listing I will be charged for each Financial Year?

The listing fee is based on the number of GRN listings you have in your account 1st July of the new financial year. The quantity of GRN listings you have on 1st July of each year determines the pricing band that your listing fee will be charged at.

When will I be billed?

You will receive an invoice for the exact number of GRN listings you had made in that quarter. The first quarter invoice will also include GRN listings you had 1st July of the new financial year.

Can I get information on all Growers?

To be able to receive Grower information, the Grower has to have provided you with their NGR Number representing their business.

How do I get Grower data?

A grower has to provide you with their GRN, which gives you permission to access their details in our system. 

Is there a minimum number of listings I have to make each year?

No. There is no minimum number of listings required to retain an active account within the myNGR System. You are only charged for what you use in the year.

How do I keep my costs down?

We promote and recommend good data management and adherence to the Australian Privacy Act which include the Australian Privacy Principles. If you are no longer transacting with a Grower, you should remove the listing from your account.  If you have deregistered GRN listings, you should remove them using the tools we provide.  We suggest that each June, you take a good look at all the GRN listings in your account and remove any you do not think you will be dealing with in the next year.