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The NGR card is a symbol of simple, secure and streamlined transactions in the Australian Ag industry. Included with your free NGR Grower account is a digital version of your NGR Card that is easily shareable with drivers to make deliveries even easier.

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NGR is free of charge for Growers delivering, selling or contracting anywhere in Australia. Keep your business and contact details up to date regardless of where your transaction takes place.

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We ensure the integrity of our systems and operations, through best-practice record management. With NGR you can rest assured that your data is secure. Your data security is our top priority. We are constantly working to protect and safeguard your data and privacy.

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Make Changes Quickly And Easily With Updates Available Instantly

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Benefits of eDOCS for your Business

One-time Only Input

Single input of declaration data is transferred digitally between a Grower, Trader, Receiver and End User for improved accuracy.

Instant 24/7 Access

After a Grower submits an eDOC, it is immediately available to the subscribed Data Subscriber(s). All eDOCs are stored securely and accessible online 24/7.

various file types

eDOC Grower Declarations can be viewed on-screen or as a downloadable PDF via the myNGR portal, or in csv, XML or json files types via an API.

Completion Anytime

Via mobile, tablet or computer, wherever you have an internet connection, a NGR eDOC can be completed.

Industry-lead improvements

Our eDOCS are built for industry and are continuously evolving to meet the needs of stakeholders throughout the supply chain.

Intuitive Data

eDOC Grower Declarations utilise pre-population of fields, making completion and accuracy of forms even simpler.