User Details

Why can’t I update my Date of Birth?

NGR considers your Date of Birth to be an unchanging personal trait. If it is incorrect please call us and we will go through the appropriate steps to update it.

How do I find my Login Name?

At anytime you can visit the NGR login page and click ‘Forgot your Login Name’, enter your email address and the system will email you the Login Name you created when you originally set up your myNGR online profile.

Watch this video if you need more help.

How do I reset my Password?

At anytime you can visit the NGR login page and click ‘Forgot your Password‘, enter your Login Name and be sent a password reset link to enter here.

Watch this video if you need more help.

Contact Details

Why do you need Residential and Postal Address details?

Your residential address provides an extra check to make sure we’ve got the right person.  Your postal address is used by NGR to send out your delivery cards; or by Data Subscribers, if you have chosen mail as your preferred Data Subscriber contact method, to send your RCTIs, contracts etc.

Communication Preferences

What is a Data Subscriber?

A Data Subscriber is an organisation you have provided your NGR number to, enabling them to see your NGR Details, to make payment or contact you.  This can include marketers, traders, bulk handlers, brokers etc. 

What does preferred contact method for Data Subscriber mean?

This is how you would like a Data Subscriber to send you information. Information you might receive could include RCTIs, contracts, pricing updates, etc.  To ensure that you receive this information quickly, make Email your chosen method of Communication. 

What marketing and third-party marketing does NGR undertake?

NGR will only send you marketing material related to a new feature or service that we have added or are able to offer to you as a grower. We do not sell your details to third parties for the purpose of marketing or advertising.  On rare occasions NGR may assist Government or Industry bodies to contact you, but only if the service benefits you.

Your Payee Information

What is a Payee ID and where can I find it?

Your Payee ID is an 8-digit number that is shown in brackets next to your Trading Name, either on an NGR form; through my NGR Online; or via my NGR Mobile.

Is there a difference between Trading Name, Business Name and Entity Name?

Yes.  Your Entity Name is the legal name that is registered with your ABN.  It is the name that appears on all official documents or legal papers, including your RCTIs.

A business name is a name under which you conduct a business. You must register a business name in Australia, unless you trade under your own name or fall within an exemption.

Trading Names are being phased out by the Australian Business Register and are being replaced by business names.

What is the difference between a Trader Payee and a Grower Payee?

A Grower Payee is anyone who is the initial producer of the Grain.  This also includes people who receive grain as a payment (e.g. Agistment) or donation (i.e. Charities).

Trader Payees are currently being phased out by NGR, and will no longer available for use post 30th December 2021, if you are still utilising a trader card please contact the service centre on 1800 556 630 for alternate options.

Can I change the ABN against my Card?

Changing your ABN suggests that the Entity through which you trade has actually changed.  This impacts on any existing contracts that might be in place, as well as the information the Grain Buyers and Traders have recorded against your record in their system.

If your ABN or GST Status has changed, you are required to set up a new Business Entity (Payee) with a new NGR Card number.  Please call NGR if you have a new ABN.

My Taxation Details show that my Payee is Restricted, what does this mean?

Your ABN or GST Status held by NGR, is not in alignment with the Australian Business Register. Please contact us as this may affect your payments.

Users You Have Authorised On This Payee

What does Required Approvals mean?

In some cases you may wish to have more than one person approve changes to your business details, for better security. For example, updating your bank account details. This is managed by changing the number of Required Approvals.

What are roles and communication preferences?

Feedback we have received from our users, is that they may not wish to be notified for all changes to their account. To provide this control, we let our users select a communication preference.  If you select:

  • All Communication:
    You will receive all communication associated with the Payee, including notification of changes to the account.
  • Change Requests Only:
    You will only receive Change Requests where Authorisation or Approval for the change is required.
  • No Communications:
    You do not wish to receive Change Notifications or Requests for Approval for this Payee.

Roles are to help us understand your relationship with the account to assist in tailoring communications to you:

  • Admin
    Generally, the Admin User is responsible for overseeing the company’s administrative work.
  • Finance
    Generally, the Finance User is responsible for overseeing the financial aspects of the company including RTCIs.
  • Contracts
    Generally, the Contract User is responsible for overseeing contractual elements of this Payee and its GRNs.
  • Farm Manager
    The Farm Manager is responsible for running farming operations.
  • Other
    None of these roles describe you? Please provide a custom Role.

How can I give someone else access to manage my account?

Do not share your password with anyone. Sharing of passwords, however well-intended, is a massive security risk.

If you wish to have someone else help in managing your Business and Card Details, this can be done by inviting them as a new user on the account.

If you already have their User ID or Login Name, you can do this in the ‘Users’ section in myNGR Online or alternatively, give us a call. Once invited, they will automatically receive a request to accept this invitation.

If you are not sure of their User ID or Login Name you can simply provide their Name and Contact Number in the Authorised Representative section of the Verification Form, and we’ll get in touch with them for you.

Primary User and Card Recipient

What is a Primary User and Card Recipient?

The Primary User is the main contact provided to Traders and Buyers, and is the first person contacted by NGR for information about your account.

The Card Recipient is the person who we will send your physical delivery cards to.

Your Card Information

I need to change the % split of my sharefarming card, what do I need to do?

Changing the % split of your sharefarming Card, would impact on any existing contracts that might be in place, as well as the information the Grain Buyers and Traders have stored against your record in their system.

If your % Split has changed, you must set up a new NGR Card. This can be done either through myNGR Online, or by calling the NGR Team.

Why do I need to add a Farm Gate location against my Card?

The Location helps Grain Buyers and Traders arrange transport of your grain if you have it stored on farm. It also allows Bulk Handlers to provide tailored services in your area.

How do I order extra delivery cards?

If you are not an Online User you will need to contact NGR on 1800 556 630. If you are online, just click on your card and press order.

How can I get an electronic copy of my Card?

When you are an Online User you are able to view and share a digital version of your Card.

How long do delivery cards take from ordering to arrive?

Due to COVID movement restrictions affecting Victoria where our Delivery Cards are manufactured and distributed and delays with Australia Post we being advised some Growers will see a 6 to 10 week delay in the delivery of ordered Delivery Cards.

Please note by logging into myNGR, clicking on your Card and selecting ‘shareable Card Link’ you can immediately send and utilise a digital version of your Card.

General Questions

The original user of the Account is no longer a part of the business, how do I update the name?

Due to security of the account, if you are not currently associated with the account, you are unable to update an existing user’s name.

To be added to the Account, an existing user will need to add you on their Verification Form. If this is not an option, please contact our Service Centre on 1800 556 630 and our staff will discuss other options with you.

How do I change my Login name?

To change a Login name, you will need to contact our Service Centre on 1800 556 630 and speak to one of our friendly staff.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication, also known as 2FA, is an extra layer of security.   Using a username and password (“something you know”) together with a code sent to your email account or mobile phone (“something you have”), makes it harder for potential intruders to gain access and change your personal or business details.

eDOCS Specific Questions

As part of our commitment to reducing administrative burden on Growers and delivery a streamlined system for the Industry we offer several forms through our eDOCS platform.

What forms can I complete?

The eDOCS system houses the,

  • Sustainability Declaration (SD)
    for Barley, Canola, Chickpeas, Faba Beans, Lentils, Mung Beans, Oats, Sorghum, Soya Beans, Triticale & Wheat
  • Commodity Vendor Declaration (CVD)
  • Combined Harvest Declaration (CHD)

I cannot see the Cards on my Sustainability Declaration Form on my phone?

NGR suggest completing the Sustainability Declaration Form on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer.  If you need to complete this form on a phone please turn your phone sideways (landscape) and all the information should display.