AUS-MEAT and AUS-QUAL Commodity Vendor Declaration Acceptance


NGR is pleased to announce that we have been in discussion with AUS-MEAT and AUS-QUAL regarding the use of the Commodity Vendor Declaration (CVD) eDOC available within the myNGR platform. 

AUS-MEAT and AUS-QUAL are Australia and New Zealand’s leading providers of agribusiness auditing, certification and training services, supporting over 70 different programs.

AUS-MEAT Auditors have been informed of the NGR CVD offering, and will accept them as evidence that a CVD has been obtained for commodities such as grain. Other commodities i.e. ‘feed additives’ may require further approval.

Discussions will now continue with AUS-MEAT as further development, improvement and adoption of the myNGR offerings is explored and undertaken.

Additionally, NGR will continue to work with the Agricultural Industry and organisations like AUS-MEAT and AUS-QUAL to ensure barriers to uptake of our eDOC offerings can be addressed to support widespread adoption. 

NGR remains committed to working with the Australian Agricultural Industry to provide strong and well-developed industry solutions to commonly identified problems.

For more information on AUS-MEAT and AUS-QUAL visit the AUS-MEAT website.

Our team are always available for support and can be reached on 1800 556 630 or via emailing