Commodity Vendor Declaration eDOC Evolution

NGR’s Commodity Vendor Declaration (CVD) product continues to be embraced by the industry. Now in-market for just over 12 months, with over 200 CVDs passed through the system for 8 different commodities and used by 30 different Data Subscribers, our CVD is gaining in-market familiarity and awareness.

When first launched the CVD included key features of, the ability to create a CVD as a Data Subscriber, and transfer or update the CVD to include other Data Subscribers, as well as the ability to request a CVD to be completed by a Grower via the portal.

Since then, additional features have been added based on feedback and usability understandings.

Over 200 CVDs completed

Adding a different Receiver or Receival Site

These improvements came from Traders wanting to ensure they could retain the Buyer on the CVD, but add a different Receiver and Receival Site such as a Port, Packer, Dairy or Feedlot.

We undertook a thorough consultation with all parties to understand the desired functionality and to ensure we could deliver on the requirements for both Growers and Data Subscribers in a seamless way.
After working this update through with our developers and testing the functionality, we are pleased with the outcome and looking forward to it being utilised more broadly throughout the industry.

This addition to the CVD Form allows for instances where the buyer is different to the receiver or the receival site needs to be specifically notated to avoid confusion when it comes time to deliver. These upgrades continue to allow a Buyer to be declared and see the Declaration, even when the delivery is to a different company or specific site, and can be declared and seen by the Receiver.

Tooltips and explanatory notes

We’ve added tooltips and explanatory notes to ensure Form questions were more clearly articulated and easier to understand.

These additional tips and notes will appear as a question mark icon beside the Form question or answer options, which you can then hover/click on to view.

Chemical information

Growers flagged the desire to complete chemical information and indicate they were not under a Withholding Period within the CVD. Upon receiving this information from GrainCorp, we were able to easily implement changes that enables Growers to enter their chemical information without the concern of indicating they are under a Withholding Period and therefore unable to outturn and deliver.

If you have any questions about Commodity Vendor Declarations please reach out via