We’re expanding our my eDOCS offering! Introducing CVD Trade to Trade.

We’re expanding our my eDOCS offering! Introducing CVD Trade to Trade.

Announcing our next my eDOCS solution – CVD Trade to Trade

NGR in its nearly 20-year history has shown ongoing commitment and dedication to developing solutions that help make doing business in the industry easier. Delivering on our mission to provide growers and data subscribers with simplified ways to meet their obligations and regulatory requirements, we have already successfully developed numerous my eDOCS that are widely embraced by users. When NGR undertakes the development of a new solution, you know that you can trust we’re wanting to work with you to develop a product that suits the industry’s needs now and into the future. This approach to making the transfer of data simpler and reliable is once again the case for our latest my eDOCS form – the Commodity Vendor Declaration (CVD) Trade to Trade form.

Following many conversations with industry stakeholders throughout the supply chain, and hearing their desires for a better, electronic way to complete their CVD requirements, we’ve been in discussion over the last year with growers, traders, feedlots and the Australian Lot Feeders Association to define a better CVD process for all.

NGR has already successfully delivered the CVD eDOC for grain declaration of stock feed deliveries occurring directly between Growers and End Users, with users embracing the streamlined, digital process to simplify their business transactions. The CVD Trade to Trade eDOC will once again revolutionise how the industry shares information, by providing a solution that reduces the complication and duplication currently experienced. A solution that builds trust in the data being shared between all parties and reduces compliance risk with instant information sharing.

The development of a solution that reduces administrative burden, while enabling improved accuracy and control of CVD data for all, is reliant on the engagement and collaboration by parties involved across the supply chain. With this in mind, if you or anyone you’re doing business with would like to take part in using our CVD Trade to Trade eDOC, be it in our BETA trial or by becoming an early adopter once released, please reach out to our Business and Product Development Manager, Jay Holland by email jay@www.ngr.com.au or phone 0428 760 004.

We are excited to bring another my eDOCS solution to the industry and look forward to sharing more updates on the CVD Trade to Trade form as we progress towards a launch date in the second half of 2020.