Did you know? Wills and Probate Support

Did you know? Wills and Probate Support

Wills and Probate support

NGR strives to respectfully support the management of changes to Grower details in the unfortunate situation of a death.

We take into account the specific nuances of the Will and Probate, such as whether the executors are required to act jointly and update the relevant signing authorities associated with the account to match these requirements.

In all cases where a transition of ownership of a Grower account or card number is required to be undertaken by the team, these activities are only completed with the appropriate legal documentation, that is cross-checked and quality controlled prior to any action being undertaken. This is to protect both the safety and security of the Growers and to maintain full traceability and integrity of the data provided to yourselves as Data Subscribers.

If you need to arrange the transition of a Grower account due to a death, our team are available to support this on 1800 556 630 or via emailing support@ngr.com.au.