Harvest Ready FAQ’s

Harvest Ready FAQ’s

🌾 With Harvest now underway for some Growers, we thought we would share with you answers to some FAQs that we get asked around this time of the year.


Why do Cards become deregistered?

How does a Grower share a digital version of their NGR Card?

When do I need a ‘Statement by a Supplier’?


What causes a new Payee?

What does ‘Required Approvals’ mean?

What tax details can a Grower have and how does that affect withholding tax and RCTI permissions?

The Statement By Supplier is an ATO document. In the case where an ABN is provided, NGR sources both ABN and GST status of that ABN directly from the ATO. 
NGR’s Terms and Conditions allow for Data Subscribers to provide RCTI’s to those Growers, who meet the ATO’s requirements for RCTI which is that they are Registered with an ABN, and that ABN is registered for GST.

When do I need a ‘Statement by a Supplier’?

What is the difference between the ABR and NGR values in GST and ABN in the new file and why do they change?

Why do Payees go restricted?

What is a ‘Payee Pending Change’ Flag in the new download file?

Did you know that NGR has a YouTube Channel?

We have a range of quick videos on our YouTube channel to show you different aspects of the NGR system and guide you through some common actions that are likely to be required pre-Harvest.

Our team are always available for support with the myNGR system and to support you in being Harvest ready. They can be reached on 1800 556 630 or via emailing support@ngr.com.au.