Harvest-time Highlights

The 2021/22 Harvest period has been busy for all, including our team. Here are just a few highlights of stats from the last 4 months:

Youtube Views

Our YouTube channel had more than 2,900 views resulting in more than 121 hours of viewing of our “How To” videos.

The most popular in 2021 being “Reset Your Password” and “Forgot Login Name“.

So far for 2022 is “How to Complete a Sustainability Self Declaration” and “How to Complete a Commodity Vendor Declaration“.

System Support Requests

We received and resolved 74 support requests from Data Subscribers. These requests varied widely and were largely solved through training and none required a system change or outage.


Our system saw users visitation 24/7 with the peak being between 7am and 7pm Monday to Friday. 83% of all Users accessed myNGR via Desktop and 15% via mobile. With more than 18,900 Users logged into myNGR and on average spent 15 minutes logged in.

Online usage from last year increased by 60%

Continuous experience Improvements

Our team also took the time to focus on learnings gained from previous seasons. The system was prepared and additional resources and safeguards put in place to ensure the best experience for all Users. We monitored the weather, business and system daily to ensure we understood cause and effect, to be prepared for busy periods during the prolonged harvest season.

Overall with no outages or high/critical issues documented, we have been able to ensure all services have maintained maximum availability. The effort involved has not been small and required various teams across several businesses to be involved and coordinate effectively. A feat we are extremely proud of.

Our team are always available for support and can be reached on 1800 556 630 or via emailing support@ngr.com.au.