Privacy Awareness Week 2022 Supporter

NGR Proudly supports Privacy Awareness Week in 2022

Each year the OAIC promotes the awareness of data privacy management by both individuals and businesses through the Privacy Awareness Week initiative. In 2022, PAW occurs from 2 to 8 May with the theme of ‘Privacy – The Foundation of Trust’.

NGR has been an official supporter of PAW in recent years, and is once again committed to sharing the PAW messages in 2022.

Privacy Awareness Week is about the simple foundations we can put in place to protect our personal information.

As individuals, there are simple steps we can take to protect our personal information. And for businesses and government agencies, you are more likely to be trusted with this information when you have demonstrated good privacy practices.

The Privacy Awareness Week website includes a range of tips for Individuals, Businesses and Government Agencies on how to undertake best practice privacy management.

With a range of events also scheduled as part of the week to provide even more opportunities to learn how you can implement these practices in your personal and professional environments.

Want to know more?

For more information check out the Privacy Awareness Website linked below

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