CVD Trade to Trade project reaches milestone in development!

CVD Trade to Trade project reaches milestone in development!

Project Milestone reached for my eDOCS solution – CVD Trade to Trade

Many of our users across the industry are excitedly following along as to our progress with the development of an enhanced Commodity Vendor Declaration that will electronically share declaration information through trades, from grower to the end-user. Streamlining this process will revolutionise the way that grain deliveries are handled, with declaration information being instantly available to stock feeders and feedlots – no more rummaging to find those handwritten declarations!  

This week marks the halfway point for the NGR and Working Mouse teams, who have been focused on developing the enhanced Commodity Vendor Declaration for the past 6 weeks – and we are pleased to announce that everything is on-track and progressing well. As part of these first development stages, the team have completed work on the Grower to Trade, and Trade to Trade components ensuring CVD’s can be created by those who need to make deliveries into Stockfeeders and Feedlots. 

We’ve also been working closely with our Industry Steering Committee to ensure that new fields, functionality and requirements are being included to provide an even simpler solution for you, our users of my eDOCS. 

A big congratulations to the teams involved and we are very excited to see it all coming together!

If you’d like to get on board ready for the release of the new CVD, please get in touch with the team asap by contacting or calling the Service Centre on 1800 556 630 and asking to speak to Jay.